Reacting to BUGHA'S ICON SKIN! 

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Today I'm reacting to BUGHA getting his Icon Skin! He's even getting his own "Late Game" LTM!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid in Season 7! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible. Today I'm Reacting to Bugha's Icon Skin Announcement! Hope you enjoy!

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Jul 19, 2021




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Taige Hoogerheide
Taige Hoogerheide 23 minutes ago
Them showing “all” the icon skins, me: WHERES MARSHMELLO
Milk-L😜 36 minutes ago
He deserves it
Milk-L😜 36 minutes ago
Sypher better get his own skin
Luca Wolff
Luca Wolff 49 minutes ago
Bugha wishes he had that superman chin
Sask Editz
Sask Editz Hour ago
You deserve a skin man it’s your turn now it needs to happen
SkyVFX 2 hours ago
I think the only reason sypher doesn't have a skin is because epic doesn't know what to do with syphers emote.
NewAsianCreation 11 hours ago
Sypher is crying on the inside epic is dumb af
baconbro7 11 hours ago
How long is the bugha skin gonna stay in the item shop
Rayan Bouhenna
Rayan Bouhenna 13 hours ago
The first player in the Fortnite World Cup and im a fan of bugha
The Corn Holeman’s
People get icon skins cuz they’re bad but good at meming bugha gets his cuz he won the World Cup 2019 Also I think he got told he was getting a skin once he won the World Cup 2019 because if you look really close you see the hair on the skin doesn’t exactly match up and same with the jawline kind of
Emerance Monji
Emerance Monji 14 hours ago
Now they need to add syphers skin
Thomas Agnew
Thomas Agnew 15 hours ago
Syhfer should get a skin
uLukki 15 hours ago
Sypher looks like he's on coke. Possibly in a good way? He doesn't look unhealthy that's just my way of saying he lost weight.
Max Seidel
Max Seidel 16 hours ago
Notice how Lachy and bugha both have lightning
Crescold 17 hours ago
Bughaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaãaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kud u se dese ã
Skeptae 17 hours ago
Why did Bugha have his skin but you are still playing and you don't have your skin...common bro
zel 19 hours ago
He’s got a skin and he said I’ve lost passion in the game ??
brad lizard 5
brad lizard 5 20 hours ago
Now Sypher needs a skin
Matthew Davidson
Matthew Davidson 21 hour ago
They were playing together
Matthew Davidson
Matthew Davidson 21 hour ago
Fun fact I clipped sway and clix in the bugha scrims
The Handsome knight
The Handsome knight 22 hours ago
I don’t even play this game anymore due to poor matchmaking, I play apex, but this game is pretty fun to come back after a season of not playing and stomping with the gold pump🤌
G-Bois Comics
G-Bois Comics 23 hours ago
Sypher I hope you're next
Wait so if he won the world cup in 2019 why did the skin come out two years later? 🤔
Joe McGrane
Joe McGrane Day ago
We need Mongraal with a shing shing shing sound affect on the pickaxe next
Timo softaims
Cane you click 2 pet the dog and he comes out of teh cup
andrew card
andrew card Day ago
fortnite should make tournemants and whoever wins get thier own skin
Wei hong Huang
Lok Lau
Lok Lau Day ago
fun fact their is no sentals style because it's a valront team
Lok Lau
Lok Lau Day ago
😭 rip
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Hector Gutierres
Bro that damn emote is HILARIOUS 😂😂😂
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Day ago
I literally live an hour and 15 minutes away from Bugha
Dark Julez
Dark Julez Day ago
Am I the only one who saw the poster in the background change?
Austin Grajales Garcia
Sypherpk is going to be in that "all Icon series skins" picture
raphael felicissimo
Bugha gots his own pickaxes. Me:- OMG!! Thats the blades of chaos without the chains
Elijah Bernal
His emote is gonna be water works
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Ta wasp
Ta wasp Day ago
Sypher deserves icon series skin please fortnite
4everny 01
4everny 01 Day ago
Das one cute dog
DUNN Day ago
What would you have your crush ask you at or having your own fortnite skin
Panda /8024
Panda /8024 Day ago
# we need sypher pk skin
PowerWatts 8
PowerWatts 8 Day ago
loute29372 Day ago
Sypher doesn't have an icon series skin but a dog has 
Gully Forge
Gully Forge Day ago
You can just see sypher dying inside cause he doesn’t have a skin yet
dgrav Day ago
this is gay as fuck
Vũ Nguyễn Hữu
Bugha deserve this
Hridayesh Sheth
I literally live an hour and 15 minutes away from Bugha
A Berf
A Berf Day ago
Fortnite doesn’t take any skill
Razor Day ago
I want him skin so. Bad but I got no vbucks?
GrindStone Day ago
OUT NOW * "Withdrawals"
Miguel D
Miguel D Day ago
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Theophile Nijimbere
Wait ain’t Lachlan the same thing lighting through the body lol
Bugha: I’m happy that I’m even in this position right now AYO?!
Łêb Day ago
Congrats Mr.Bugha 🎧🖥⌨
Z Scruffs
Z Scruffs Day ago
I feel like if Sypher does get an icon skin it's going to have his logo but also something about his how to win and that would be implemented to his skin somehow as well fire would be glowing or something since it would probably be red
Z Scruffs
Z Scruffs Day ago
Honestly about a year ago I didn't like Bugha but after seeing the video epic posted and how he started was so inspiring so I'm really happy he got one because he does deserve it
Ghostman Day ago
what happend to the minecraft series
Praneesh Shaw
Sypher... what if epic is waiting for an emote from u to complete ur skin and bring it to the game !!! Start dancing on ur streams 😂😂
Sans Day ago
Sypher Nick and mongraal all need their icon skins
FlyMagic Day ago
Came from Main Channel
TheHmmer Day ago
the dance lmao
Harley Emmens
The lighting is like lachies one
Phoenix Day ago
it looks alright not that epic
Vivaan Bordia
2:39 LOL
Elham Afify
Elham Afify Day ago
Ground Guff
Ground Guff Day ago
This is a kind of a fact pros/content creators who get locker bundles won’t get a icon skin in the future.
MrLion X
MrLion X Day ago
One day sypher will surely have his skin in the icon series
Vydex Day ago
question is only... is he gonna main the skin, i mean is it "tryhard" enough
Tarik Kumsuz
Tarik Kumsuz Day ago
sypher deserves a icon series skin
CL Relese
CL Relese Day ago
Bro no ones like dual pickaxe, maybe are they adding normal & 1 handed pickaxe?
Calb Day ago
Zoey (Bugha’s dog) got a icon skin before you SypherPK LOL gg Bugha
Saskia Day ago
Sypher icon skin please EPIC PLEASE!!
Clue_Ledzep Day ago
they should add all world cup winners into the game
Drew Ressler
Drew Ressler Day ago
Sypher needs his own icon skin
Zelo Panda
Zelo Panda Day ago
It's the guy from fortnite lol
LuckyCharm Day ago
貴方らら New Skin Is Very Very Very Very Soon Is Name SypherPk Icon Skin But is in 2022 New Emote New Crazy Pic And New Backpack I hope you enjoy
DudeYT Day ago
The fact every time u go into bugha stream at night he’s in late game
LuckyCharm Day ago
LuckyCharm Day ago
it the guy from fortnite
I feel bad for sypher that bugha gets a skin and he does not
Abdullah Shah
Bro bugha didn’t even say yes sir
Waiting for Sypher reacts to SYPHER'S ICON SKIN
Kavish Padhiyar
bro Bugah is my fav fortnite youtuber and he got his own icon series skin
Derek Marshall
Sypher looks like a proud dad in the thumbnail.
yb josh
yb josh Day ago
The crybaby pack 🥵
TimeBucks Day ago
Bugha deserve this
Joshua Ramirez
that is so true and the guy at the 100 bits is a fuching haters and I beleave he is a toxic player
Toxic Willy
Toxic Willy Day ago
Say what’s up trixys because he verfifed ;)
Well the nee update sucked lol
Bro where is the marshmellow skin
Mirriee Day ago
He really tried to make people believe he'd quit or sum
Jay Day ago
sypher deserves a skin
Rafa Rodríguez
9 icon skins right now 3 trios lel
Car Vs 1000 Nails!